Regulus Award

For outstanding contributions to Theory and Understanding in Astrology

This prestigious award is voted on by all the all the major astrological associations of the USA. Bernadette received this award in 2008 primarily for her book ‘Astrology a Place in Chaos’, where she linked chaos theory to a deeper understanding of astrology.

Charles Harvey Award

For exceptional service to astrology

The Charles Harvey Award is voted on by the major astrological associations of the UK and is awarded annually. In 2006 Bernadette was honoured with the award for her work in predictive astrology and fixed stars.

Inaugural Spica Award

For the best astrological book of 1999

This award as given to Bernadette book, ‘Predictive Astrology, The Eagle and the Lark’. (1992, 1999). This work has gone on to be translated into many different languages and continues to be a bench mark in how to do predictive astrology. In this work Bernadette introduced the new techniques of working with the Saros Series to understand eclipses and developed both the transit grid plus the idea of a Time Map.