Determinism within the Practice of Astrology
Conducted by Bernadette Brady as part of doctoral studies at
Bath Spa University, UK

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Your voice is need to contribute to the global survey of astrologers
 with regard to their thinking on determinism - Fate.

Please read this:
A central tenet of astrology is that something is written at the moment of a birth or a moment in time and place and some component of this moment has a bearing on the future. In this survey, this component, which astrology explores via horoscopes, is labelled the “fate” of a person’s life or the “fate” contained in a moment in time. 

It is often assumed by non-astrologers that astrologers believe that one’s entire life and life decisions are dictated by the “stars”, yet no one has actually asked astrologers about their ideas on fate, destiny and freewill.  Thus your answers are important as they will go towards building a concept of fate (or determinism) as used in 21st century western astrology.   

Therefore I thank you in advance for your contribution to this project. Your answers will be stored in a database and analysed, along with the answers of astrologers from all over the world, to help create this overall picture. The results will then form a part of my doctoral thesis.

The survey should take you about 15 - 20 minutes to complete.    


Section 1 - About You

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Q1.2 Gender

Q1.4  How many years have you been studying astrology   


Q1.5 As there are different types of astrology, could you please select the type/s that you now prefer to use.

Section 2 - Predictive Astrology
Q2.1 Please choose the statement/s that best fit your understanding of the nature of predictive astrology.
Predictive astrology is:
Q2.2 Please choose one statement that best fits how you think predictive astrology helps you in your life:
You are only able to select one option.
Q2.3 Please choose one statement that best fits how you would use predictive astrology when something unpleasant happens in your life: You are only able to select one option. .
Q2.4 In the history of a person's life, every time they have had transiting Mars conjunct their ascendant they "accidentally" break a plate. Would you expect them to break another plate when Mars next conjuncts their ascendant?
You are only able to select one option.
Q2.5 If a person does break another plate on their next Mars transit, in your opinion: You are only able to select one option.
Q2.6 Astrological predictions can contain both timing and event. For example, a Saturn transit will happen at a certain time and will have a particular quality of expression. For you does the length of time being examined (e.g. one year into the future or ten years into the future) have an influence on your capacity to predict the when (timing) and/or the what (the event)?You are only able to select one option.
Q2.7 In two years time your natal chart is going to have a series of "once in a life time" transits. Do you:
You are only able to select one option.

Section 3 - Natal Charts
Q3.1 If your primary relationship was having difficulties and you found out that your partner's time of birth was not what you thought, and this introduced different aspects between you and your partner, would you: You are only able to select one option. .
Q3.2 You meet someone discover that their chart contains particular aspects, which you have in the past clashed with people who have such aspects. What do you do? You are only able to select one option. 
Q3.3 Do you expect to find that members of your own family have similar astrological features or themes in their individual horoscopes, for example, a Sun-Saturn or Capricorn theme?  You are only able to select one option.
Q3.4.1 If you knew the birth data of a pet, would you do its chart?  
Q3.4.2 If you know your pet’s chart do you expect to see similar astrological features in their chart as you would in one of your family members?   
Q3.5 If you are trying to select the timing of a birth which is going to be a caesarean or inducted but unexpected events occur which alter this timing do you consider that the infant  has chosen their own time of birth?  
Never Considered it.


Section 4 - Your views on fate, destiny or necessity
There are different philosophical positions on the nature of determinism (fate), and also on why, if at all, it is present in our life.  This section of the survey is asking your opinion on some of these positions.
With each statement you can select ONE option of the five choices offered.    
Q 4.1  To what extent do you feel that the experience of fate in your life comes from:
Q4.1.1 the will of a single divine entity (God) in your life.
Q4.1.2 a divine cosmos/nature (as gods, goddesses, spirits or energies) expressing itself in your life.
Q4.1.3 your soul making a choice to enter a physical state at a particular time to enable it to evolve.    
Q4.1.4 your actions in a previous life.  
Q4.1.5 the combination of all that has happened in the past with the physical laws of nature which fixes a unique and possible future.  
Q4.1.6 previous events in your own personal history, and/or your family’s history and/or your culture’s history.    
Q4.1.7 your life being part of and contributing to the emerging patterns formed naturally by the web of life.    
Q4.1.8 the human desire for a pattern which strings together what is only a series of coincidences into something which appears to be meaningful.    
Below are some statements on the purpose of astrology, for your clients as well as for yourself.  
Q4.2 To what extent do you believe that the purpose of astrology is:
Q4.2.1 to be used like a news report about what has happened, what can happen and what cannot happen.  
Q4.2.2 to show the place from which the journey of spiritual evolution begins, with the expectation that the chart will eventually becoming obsolete.  
Q4.2.3 to be used as a guide to learn your unique pattern of life, mortal and spiritual, so that you can reach the potential as reflected in your natal chart.
Q4.2.4 to be used to help you become aware of, and attuned to, the unfolding will of a divine entity in the cosmos.
Q4.2.5 to be used to help you become attuned to and interact with the emerging patterns around you - the natural or secular world.
Section 5 - Your feelings about Astrology
Q5 How do you feel about the following statements?
Q5.1 The future is fully formed and astrology provides a tool to help read that future.
Q5.2 Small events in your life can act as indicators of forthcoming, apparently non-related, larger events.
Q5.3 The practice of astrology requires a divine presence in the universe- God, gods or spirits.
Thank you for your time and input, these last questions are only if you have the time and feel like writing a few lines.
Thank you for your time.  Your answers are important as they help form a global picture of the nature of determinism in the practice of current western astrology.

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